Thursday, June 4, 2015

Melissa : Mini-Shoot

A few weeks ago, Melissa and I both took an hour out of our schedules to do a little photo shoot. We both live in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philly, so we met up at her house and then headed outside. The whole time we stayed within a two block radius of her house but got such a nice variety of shots even in the limited space.

Melissa's such a sweet spirit. She's just a few months shy of finishing up her grad degree in Pediatric Nursing. If I've ever met anyone well-suited for nursing or for caring for children... it's definitely her. We also have a bond over how much we love our cats. Her cat Orpheus is the sweetest, most playful little guy. Melissa was such a natural in front of the camera and such an adorable person to have the opportunity to shoot. I had a blast walking around the neighborhood with her!

Matt & Veronica's Wedding

A few weeks ago, I had the extreme honor of taking photographs for Matt & Veronica's wedding day. They had such an intimate gathering of family & friends at the 59th Street Beach in Ocean City, NJ--a secluded beach, away from the boardwalk. Thankfully, the weather held out just long enough for the ceremony and for a few portraits on the beach afterwards. It felt amazing to spend so much time with the two of them on such an important day of their lives. I felt like a VIP getting to be right there next to them documenting their day as they prepared, said their vows and then celebrated afterwards.

Here's a few photos from their beautiful day: